Doug Schommer


Captain Morgans Parrot Bay

This 5-page foldout placed in Playboy Magazine for Captain Morgan Parrot Bay demonstrates how the coconut flavored rum tickles all your senses and is the perfect ending to your daily routine.

Wake up. Hit Snooze. Wake up for real. Oops, hit snooze. Shave. Ouch. Stand Still. Same to you, Buddy. Java. Good morning. Morning. Make calls. Take calls. Hold, Please. Water cooler. He did what? Meeting. Follow up Meeting. Follow up to the follow up meeting. Yes, Sir. No, Sir. Deadline. Ah, extension. Look at watch. Look at clock. Look busy. Look at her. Wink. Drink. Mingle. Tingle. Taste. Luscious. Whiff. Rush. Blush. Groove. Mambo. Samba. Smooth. Another round. And around we go.