Doug Schommer

Poster Design


Creative Director/Art Director/Illustrator




Poster Design


Featured: 2020 Graphis 

Poster Annual

Winner: Milwaukee99 

Poster Competition

Featured in the Graphis 2020 Poster Annual.

Winner: Milwaukee99 Poster Competition.

Founded in 2015, SKöRD is a Tier 2 craft cannabis producer operating out of Battle Ground, Washington. The brand is already established in the Northeast but an expansion in their growing operations required us to better promote their individual strains.

Because of stringent federal laws that limit the ways a company can market cannabis, we had to come up with a new and unique way to get the word out.

Our solution was to create a limited edition poster for each of their 16 strains of weed. The hand-numbered, screen-printed posters were sent to their top dispensaries. They also made several of the posters available for sale on their website.

With names like “Star Killer” and “Nightmare Cookies,” this project opened up the door for some truly unique designs from our team, as well as a creative and fresh approach to selling the SKöRD product.