Doug Schommer

Print & Web Design

ORBIS, a leading supplier of plastic reusable packaging, was set to launch a revolutionary new product. PlastiCorr is the first direct reusable replacement for the corrugated cardboard boxes typically used in automated packaging lines. Each PlastiCorr box could replace hundreds of cardboard boxes over its lifespan, cutting solid waste, water and energy use for companies in dramatic fashion.


We provided a complete range of integrated marketing services to support the launch. We began by participating in early strategic discussions and providing the client with naming options. With rampant stories of fresh water shortages emerging from the West Coast at the time of the launch, our objective was to not only introduce the product, but immediately inject ourselves into the industry-wide conversation happening around this environmental crisis.

We crafted a striking visual campaign, with the first execution focused on the shocking level of water savings the product could provide. Understanding that we were also introducing a brand new product to market, we knew that it was essential to balance our focus between these stunning benefits and the products basic features. 

We developed a microsite that presented both in harmony with one another. As users scrolled through the page, we used parallax-style effects and video to demonstrate the new design and give context to the benefit story.

We made a strong push with our media relations activity, coordinating our efforts to converge for the official launch at one of the industry’s largest annual trade shows.


PlastiCorr was officially introduced for the first time at PackExpo 2015.

Dedicating nearly half of the ORBIS booth to the new product, the client received a stunning 57 sales leads from the show alone. At the event, Core further assisted ORBIS by providing digital press kits for the media, stored on a flash drive attached to a reusable water bottle.

Our media relations efforts resulted in 17 featured media placements for PlastiCorr and over 875,000 impressions within this highly-targeted vertical category.